Month: June 2009

Flamenco Red

Size: 24″x30″ Medium: Oil on Canvas Working Title: Caen of Nod On the Easel 4/17/09  Every once in a while I wonder what will happen if I paint something more “traditional”. How many artists do you suppose have painted the Flamenco Dancer? – Millions!? No promises that this painting will ever actually get done, but, the underpainting is …

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First Angel

Size: 16″x20″ Medium: Oil on Canvas Working Title: First Angel On the Easel 3/12/09 As usual, the underpainting was done using red acrylics. The background was then done in Oils. I’m going for an entirely different color theme on this one. There is a bit of a greenish hue to the sky, and while it …

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