April 2009


Leap of Faith

CURRENT PROJECT Leap of Faith 48″x24″ Oil on Canvas ••• Canvas Preparation ••• 04/01/2009 Step 1 Underpainting done using red, yellow & blue acrylics. Sky done in Oils. Tall and skinny to fit a specific location. ••• Painting with Oils ••• 04/04/2009 First Day of Oils Starting on buildings – MORE BRICKS!! After the Fisherman’s Wife …

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WaitingForTheSun III zoom 900x893 1

Waiting for the Sun

CURRENT PROJECT Waiting for the Sun 18″x36″ Oil on Canvas PROJECT NOTES: For me, this project really began as an exercise in painting the transition from light to dark on the stones, using a very low light source. The challenge is to create an interesting piece while trying to refine a technique. ••• Canvas Preparation …

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David Fedeli