Size: 24″x30″
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Working Title: Caen of Nod

On the Easel

Every once in a while I wonder what will happen if I paint something more “traditional”.

How many artists do you suppose have painted the Flamenco Dancer? – Millions!?

No promises that this painting will ever actually get done, but, the underpainting is complete using red acrylics and black gesso.

I should know better than to form opinions of my work by looking at the underpainting.

After completing the prep, I was not too enthusiastic and it took me 2 months to come back to this project.

I added a splash of red in the black background and completed the top portion of the figure, including the face.

Now I am beginning to see what I was envisioning in the first place, and my passion to finish this one has been re-ignited.

As wet as this whole canvas is, I managed to not ruin it by sticking my hand in it more than about 3 dozen times!

The contrast of the red and black creates a lot of impact in this piece. The addition of the textures and turquoise stones adds enough fine detail to give the eye somewhere to roam.

I really have grown to like the mood conveyed within this piece.

This one is DONE!!

See larger views of the finished piece in the Portrait Gallery

See you again soon…