“Painting is the grandchild of nature. It is related to God”

— Rembrandt

Fisherman’s Wife (2019)

Fisherman's Wife (2019)40" x 30" ~ Oil on CanvasAs is typical with most artists, I can never stop judging my own work. As a result, very few of my pieces survive my own self-doubts and end up hanging in my home. The Fisherman's Wife is one piece that I was pleased to call my own, and still stands as one of my top-3 ...


Robert once gave me a handful of old sketches that he had done at some point over his career, saying "maybe you can do something with these someday". Most of the sketches are very rough, taken from scraps of napkins, paper, bill envelopes, etc., but there is one in particular that has always been among my favorites. It has a ...


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Commissioning a work of art can be easy and fun – if you’re doing it right!! 

Let me explain the commission process to you and show you how we can incorporate your ideas and visions into an original work of art.

I have been in the business of turning peoples’ ideas into visual imagery for over 40 years. I know how to listen and accurately interpret what I hear in order to create a work of art that carries the significance you want.

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Let me explain the commission process to you and show you how we can incorporate your ideas and visions into an original work of art.

“So much to see… so much to do…”

There are always lots of things going on in the Studio. Here I share information about how things get done. There are several different types of content, including;

  • • Articles about owning Art
  • • DIY projects for the creative types
  • • Tips & Techniques for other oil painters
  • • Products and cool Vendors of art stuff


Caring for Oil Paintings

How to Care for your Oil Paintings Caring for Oil Paintings will ensure their longevity. Preventative measures can, and should be taken when owning an oil painting. If properly cared for, oil paintings can last for centuries. Oils are one of the most sensitive means of artistic media, and damages are common. Handling of the artwork, changes ...
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David Fedeli is a contemporary artist whose work can be best described as a modern interpretation of Neo-Romanticism.
This genre is typified by the belief that these works can impact not only the individual who views them, but in turn, the world around them.

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