David Fedeli

Aluminum Brush Holder

The Windberg Aluminum Brush Holder keeps your unused brushes, mixing knives, and pallet knives out of your fingers or pockets and onto a working surface.

The Ultimate Easel

A few years back, after purchasing the Sorg easel, I wrote an article about all the different styles of easels and their applications. Since then, I found this article by Lisa Takahashi which does a better job of it than mine. 9th November 2017 by Lisa Takahashi  18  Whether you paint in a studio, a kitchen, …

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Invent or Vent?

Over the years I have purchased several different easels. Each one is unique in its own way, but none are truly unique at all.  What I mean by that is; the style, build and functions have  not really changed all that much through the years. It’s like a mahl stick… Really? You have to constantly …

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About Neo-Romanticism

Neo-romanticism is a broad movement crossing artistic boundaries that gave more importance to the representation of internal feelings. It started as a reaction to naturalism in the 19th century…

The Super8 Easel by David Sorg

The David Sorg external counterbalance mechanism allows your canvas to be held securely in place while allowing effortless vertical height adjustments! Regardless of weight, the painting can be moved up or down with just a fingertip.