July 2013

Chosen 2


CURRENT PROJECT Chosen 24″x30″ Oil on Canvas ••• Canvas Preparation ••• 08/20/2012 Step 1 Underpainted in red acrylic and roughly sketched. I painted the sky, as well as the basic foreground layout  – much to do! I wanted to do a larger piece that held some of the same elements as the sky in the painting “A […]

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Evening Tide 2

Evening Tide

CURRENT PROJECT Evening Tide 36″x24″ Oil on Canvas 11/29/2012 Step 1 Underpainted started using red acrylic. I know… looks like 2001 A Space Odyssey, but in reality, it is exactly the opposite of that composition… 11/30/2012 Step 2 The rest of the underpainting has been added using yellow, blue and black. I know there is

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David Fedeli