March 2009

Fishermans Wife zoom 1

Fisherman’s Wife

CURRENT PROJECT Fisherman’s Wife 40″x30″ Oil on Canvas ••• Canvas Preparation ••• 03/14/2009 Step 1 Wish me luck with this one! For me, this project is a step up to a larger (more expensive!) canvas, and a subject with much more detail. Quite different than previous projects. Underpainting done using black gesso with red and yellow acrylics, […]

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Solitude 1


CURRENT PROJECT Path to Life 36″x24″ Oil on Canvas ••• Painting with Oils ••• Session 1 Underpainting is done using red acrylic for the sky and yellow acrylic for the structures. The sky was painted in Oils first. Due to the transparency of oils, the red underpainting really adds to the vivid blues, allowing them to

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The Mill

CURRENT PROJECT The Mill 22″x28″ Oil on Canvas Mill PROJECT NOTES: This is a subject that I have wanted to paint for quite a while, so here goes! ••• Canvas Preparation ••• Step 1 Underpainting done using red and yellow acrylics. The hot red will lay underneath the cold blues, and the yellow will tint

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CURRENT PROJECT Asylum 36″x24″ Oil on Canvas ••• Canvas Preparation ••• Step 1 The underpainting is done using red, yellow and blue acrylics. The hot red goes under the cold blues of the sky. The yellow will tint the white of the tower walls, giving it a more natural, aged hue. The colors also allow

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David Fedeli