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Browse the gallery now and immerse yourself in the beauty and emotion of these captivating oil paintings.


Experience the essence of neo-romanticism through David Fedeli’s

oil paintings

, where each piece embodies a celebration of individual interpretation and a powerful rejection of the dehumanization and mechanization of modern society. If you’re looking to add a piece to your art collection or commission a custom painting that reflects your unique vision, David Fedeli’s Oil Paintings offer affordable pricing and worldwide shipping.

* A “version” is a commissioned painting based upon one of my previous pieces. It will not be an exact reproduction, as the intent is for each collector to have their own original work of art. In addition, you will have the opportunity to “customize” the piece to your tastes. Visit the About Commissions page for more info

© Copyright 1996-2024 – David Fedeli Fine Art • All rights reserved

© 1996-2024 – David Fedeli Fine Art • All rights reserved

David Fedeli