On the Easel-commission

Fisherman’s Wife (2019)

CURRENT PROJECT Fisherman’s Wife (2019)40″x30″Oil on Canvas PROJECT NOTES: Fisherman’s Wife (2019) is a 40″x30″ oil on canvas. The original Fisherman’s Wife has always been near and dear to my heart. It was a very labor-intensive piece, but I was also very pleased with the end result – even though I always see room for improvement …

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Autumn Barn

After nearly a year away from the Easel, I am so excited to be back at work. Feeling a bit rusty, I have begun by working on the barn wood again. Getting back into it again has given me a fresh perspective and I reworked all of the wood a bit to add some faint dark tones to add depth.

Waiting for the Sun III

CURRENT PROJECT Waiting for the Sun24″x48″Oil on Canvas PROJECT NOTES: This piece is the 3rd “version” of a painting I did in 2009. It is being commissioned by a Collector in New York, who also owns the painting “Passage”. I am very excited to do a larger version of a painting that has always been …

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Albatross II

CURRENT PROJECT Albatross II 15″x30″ Oil on Canvas PROJECT NOTES: Commissioned by a collector in Washington. ••• Canvas Preparation ••• 09/26/2013 Step 1 Today I finished the underpainting in red acrylic, and sketched the outline of the ship. In this piece, the red interacts with the transparent oils to create a lively purple color in …

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Redlands (Akeldama)

Commissioned by a Collector in Michigan. Size: 30″x40″ Medium: Oil on Canvas Working Title: Redlands (Akeldama) 9/24/12  9/25/12  9/28/12 10/1/12 10/11/12 10/11/12 10/16/12 10/26/12 10/28/12 10/28/12 10/28/12 10/28/12 CURRENT PROJECT Redlands (Akeldama) 30″x40″ Oil on Canvas PROJECT NOTES: Commissioned by a Collector in Michigan. ••• Canvas Preparation ••• 09/24/2012 Step 1 Underpainted in red and …

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Black Water revisited

CURRENT PROJECT Black Water Revisited 48″x72″ Oil on Canvas PROJECT NOTES: Commissioned by a Collector in Massachusetts. ••• Canvas Preparation ••• 08/07/2011 Step 1 Prep: Black edges 08/08/2011 Step 1 Prep: Red underpainting (hot over cold, cold over hot!) ••• Painting with Oils ••• 08/09/2010 First Day of Oils The 36×48 original Black Water (repaired), …

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