Oil on Canvas


••• Canvas Preparation •••


Step 1
The underpainting is done using red, yellow and blue acrylics. The hot red goes under the cold blues of the sky. The yellow will tint the white of the tower walls, giving it a more natural, aged hue. The colors also allow me to see where the edges are so I can remain true to the sketch.


••• Painting with Oils •••


First Day of Oils
Today I painted the sky and sea with oils. Just a little red peaking through some of the clouds. I cleaned up around the edges with a flat brush and thinner. Time now to hurry up and wait! I will need the background to be completely dry before working with the white for the tower.

Session 2
I have added the first layer of oils on the Tower. I will be building up the color on the tower using white glazes to get a bright white in some areas, and  the various colors and stains showing through in others. The white of the tower will really offset the blue showing through the window. More waiting…

Session 3
Today I applied the first layer of white glaze over the Tower to soften the details of the stains and build up the white closest to the light source. 

I also outlined the figure and began the first layer of Oils on the foreground and low wall… tick… tock…

Session 4
Here, a second layer of white glaze is applied over the Tower, to further soften details. 

Heavy white Oils are then knifed onto the upper areas of the Tower to create highlights. 

I also added the initial layer of detail on the figure. I will be adding some black glazes next to begin building the shadows.

Session 5
Today I added a fairly opaque layer of black glaze over all of the shadow areas, and over the figure. A couple layers of black glaze will move the figure deeper into the shadows of the wall.

Session 6
More detail is added to the Tower and walls. I went back over the figure with more color too. I wasn’t crazy about the way the glaze tinted the figure.

One of the things to keep in mind is that with a heavily textured canvas, the glazes tend to sink into the valleys of the texture. In this case in created a mottled look. I will need to go back and use a glaze with less pigment so there isn’t as much settling into the low areas.

Session 7
In this final session, I repainted the glaze over the figure using a couple coats of a very thinly diluted medium. I thinks it looks much cleaner this time. This piece is finally DONE!

This is going off to show at Gallery Cuvee.

The final piece has been added to the Gallery section. Let me know what you think!

See you again soon…

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Purchased by a collector in Golden Colorado.

© Copyright 1996-2024 – David Fedeli Fine Art • All rights reserved

© 1996-2024 – David Fedeli Fine Art • All rights reserved

David Fedeli