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“For only $12 each, I doubt you will find a better, less-obtrusive brush holder anywhere!”

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Rubber feet on bottom
w/ "channel" on the bottom
Mounted on a "1-by"

I absolutely love these things! The first ones I bought had 4 rubber pads on the bottom which kept them from moving around during use. Since I use a glass-top table, these were perfect.

Shortly after that, they added a channel to the bottom so it can mount on any standard “1-by” piece of wood (1″x3″, 1″x6″ etc). I got 4 of those right away. This channel allows you to mount this almost anywhere. Most wood easels have several places you can hang these. Or you can attach a small 1-by to almost anything.

You can see it hanging on such a spot in the third image above.

DIY mount & Palette table.
Trays in use

Speaking of mounting to almost anything, you can see a stand that I made in the 1st image above. In the background you can see the one of the trays with the rubber feet on top of the glass-top palette table I made. Even with the top inclined the tray doesn’t slip. I’ll say it again… I love these things!

I can tell you from my own personal experience, their customer service is exceptional!

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