Whether you are an art collector, or an art creator, I hope you will find something inside the studio that interests you. I will include articles on a variety of topics for both species above, and include some cool products from cool vendors as I run across them. I am a firm believer in DIY projects, both to save money for more art supplies, and to flex my creative muscles in different ways. Besides, I have found that apparently the only way to get what I really want, is to do it myself!

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Is Art Necessary?

Is Art Necessary? By Vijaya Koteeswaran  |   Submitted On June 18, 2018 I am an artist at heart and an accountant by profession. I make paper

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You don’t need to be a chemist to mix your own mediums, and more.

Save money & make it your way. Check out the Recipe Box for this and other delicious recipes your family will love!

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