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Fisherman’s Wife (2019)

40×30″ Oil on Canvas
SOLD – consider a commission


Even though this piece is now in a private collection, don’t despair!

You can commission your own original version of many of my pieces. This allows you to choose the size and “personalize” the painting. Just click the “Learn More” button, or contact me.

The original version of this piece has always been one of my own favorites. I kept it in my home until recently a visitor saw it and purchased it on the spot. Fortunately, one of my longtime collectors commissioned a very personalized version, and I had the pleasure of painting it anew.

Commissions: I accept commissions, as long as they don’t stray too far from “what I do” (sorry, I don’t paint pets!). I also do not charge a “premium” for commissioned work, because I enjoy it.

Here are 3 good reasons to consider a commission;
#1. You can own an original version of a painting that has already sold, or I can work from a completely original concept.
#2. You can specify the size of the painting, so you get just what you need for your display space and  your budget.
#3. This is the big one. If you choose, you can have input into detail colors, items placed within the painting, etc. There is nothing more personal than hiding secrets in the work that only you know about.  I have done paintings to recreate a person’s visions or dreams, so whatever you have in mind contact me and we can chat about it.

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