Size: 11.5″x9.5″
Medium: Oil on Panel
Working Title: Study for “Sins of the Father”


When you have an idea for a larger piece, and want to work out some of the details first, you can create what is referred to as a “Study”. A “Study” is just a smaller version of a the idea, and it allows you to work on the layout and perspective without trashing an expensive canvas.

In this case I really wanted to experiment with the orange sky and the long ridge of land leading to the tower. I’m not sure if I will create the larger piece or not, and I still feel like I need to work on the orange skies a bit. I would love to hear some feedback on whether or not you think I should do the larger version.

I’ll add a figure once everything is dry.


Added the wretched lonely boy and framed it. Also, off to the Gallery!

The theme for this piece was intended to deal with the aftermath when a parent, a father in this case, is more interested in pursuing their own interests and leave the child behind. There is a loneliness and yearning there among the solitude. There is a lot of symbolism in this piece, and I hope you are able to dissect it.