Size: 24″x36″
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Working Title: Pollyanna Moment


Sticking in a quicky here! Typical underpainting using various colors of acrylic. This will be an addition to the series I still hope to do celebrating the beauty and passion of the Flamenco Dancers.


First round of oils. This one will move pretty quickly because of the way it is laid out (working upper-left to lower-right). The goal of this piece is to really capture the look in her eyes that shows the passion and commitment as she loses herself in the moment.

The white “glow” around her really pops, especially against the black background, as does her elegant red earring.


Done! (told you it would go quick!) I’ll probably add a few highlight details when it is dry. The fan came out nicely, with a smooth transition from pink to red to capture the light source. She is beautiful!
In this piece, I really feel that the look in her eyes tells the whole story. That look of being lost in the moment, fully committed and inspired.