Size: 30″x24″
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Working Title: Michael

On the Easel

Underpainted with red Acrylics. This will help the background color to really jump off the canvas. I am leaving the figure white so the transparent oils pick up the brightness of the white. This will most likely be the first in a series of perhaps 5 paintings.

The background has been painted in oils. I wanted a nice, warm feeling to the piece so I chose to go with the golden theme.

I did a little more work on the background and got the foreground started today. Can you tell which Michael? (duh)
This photo was shot at night so the colors might be a little jacked up. I’ll take some better photos at some point.

Today was a long day on the easel. I completed the face and hair, and the added the rest of the clothing. The first painting of the Series is complete. I really like the pose, and feel it is appropriate and emotional given his recent passing.
This style of art is really getting back to my roots. For me this is “old school”.

See larger views of the finished piece in the Portrait Gallery

See you again soon…