Size: 30″x40″
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Working Title: Crossing

6/18/12  Under-painted in “hot” colors to offset the cold oils to be painted over them, and roughly sketched using a white pencil. The clouds and sky have been done in the background, as well as a glowing sunset. The clouds hint at an approaching storm.


In this sitting, the figure has been added, and the reflection of the scene in the water has been started. The water hints at things to come.

Here you can see that the stone bridge is mostly done, as is the reflection in water. There is still quite a bit of work to do in adding details to the stone to define the age and make-up of the bridge and the walls around it. I added the stairs in background, beyond the bridge, and have begun working on stairs coming out of the water to the right.

I completed the steps on the right, and reworked the stairs in the background (too yellow). I’ve added the stairs on both sides of the bridge and am now starting to work on the stone walks – I can see the end, but there is still a lot to do!

7/9/12 Continued the work on the stone walks – I know it’s a bit purple, but I’m going to put some glazes over it to tone it down a bit. I really wanted a tone that contrasts the golden color of the bridge.

I added a blue-black glaze over the water. One more coat should finish that. The glazes really create a nice transparency that gives a feeling of depth to the water, something I intend to experiment further with in future pieces. I’ll put a dark glaze over the face of the building, which should further establish the light source. Then I will paint a pale, multicolored glaze over the walks. Also in this sitting I added the Statue/female. I’ll get a closeup of that at some point. She is white marble, with hints of true flesh tones – is she turning to stone, or coming to life from it? There are still some small details to do, but it’s close to being finished!

Added different colors of glaze over the majority of the piece, with the exception of the sky and the front of the bridge. The building depicts a bit more contrast of light and dark, and the stone courtyard has been toned down a bit with more color variations in the stone. I’ll get some photos of it outside when it’s dry. Renamed as “Crossing Pointe”, I think it’s DONE. This will be a new piece for the show in Golden next month.