Size: 24″x20″
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Working Title: Fortress


Underpainted with Red Acrylic, and loosely sketched in white pencil.


Sky painted, along with some detail of buildings in background. I used a bright blue to contrast with the white of the building. I scattered a few “random” colors here and there, which I do in most of my paintings; a little color “where is doesn’t belong” often adds areas of interest.


Started painting the foreground structures. I used a lot of different colors in the cracks and on the edges of the walls to create a unique look that causes the eye to roam around. I am really working to move the building debris into the foreground with more intense colors.



I have finished the foreground details and added the figure. This is a rare situation where I have made the figure facing the viewer. In this setting, it seemed appropriate. I used some of those ‘random” colors on the cliff sides and I think it came out nice. Did some minor detailing on the rest of the painting, and it is finished!

References: Psalms 59:9, Samuel 22:2, Samuel 22:33