Size: 24″x30″
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Working Title: The Dead of Night

On the Easel

Sketched with white Prismacolor and underpainted with Red Acrylic. Underpainted the figures and moon with white, and the windows in black.

Before starting, I included additional underpainting with Yellow and Blue Acrylics. It’s ready for Oils now.

Today I added the sky, which came from a photograph I took on my iPhone. I also did the deep green water, along with the bridge.

I am beginning to add details to buildings.

I am adding more details to the buildings and on the walls and walkways. At this point, I just need to finish the buildings and add the figures. I have done some detailing on the water, which now has a more transparent appearance.

I know… it’s been a year since I worked on it but…. it’s DONE!! The finishing touches included the last of the buildings and the 3 figures.

See you again soon…