Sailmaker’s wife
28″ x 22″
Oil on Canvas



This piece is a second version of “Sailmaker’s Life”. I have always wanted to do another version with a different sky, so here we go. I will do a third version at some point with a nighttime sky (a “dark” version). This will feature a different figure than Sailmaker’s Life. In the original piece, the lonely Sailmaker is walking toward the shack. In this version, the lone female figure will be looking to the horizon for her husband, or…


••• Canvas Preparation •••



Day 1
What you see here is just the raw underpainting. I generally paint the red behind the blue skies, and here I also put down white highlights and yellow in areas that will be a warm white.

The underpainting not only defines the layout, but it can also be used to interact with the transparent oil paints that go over the top.


••• Painting with Oils •••



First Day of Oils
Once the underpainting dried completely, I filled in the sky and roughed in the water area. I left the paint fairly transparent in a few areas so I can still just make out the underpainting. This makes it easier to fill in the building and the figure etc.

I began painting the building and the basics of the lone figure on the dock. I admit, I failed to take a photo before I went back and started on the building (my bad).


Session 2
I did a little more work on the foreground and added the basics of the boat. The next task will be to add final details to the figure and boat, and to fill in the dock. I just need to give a little drying time.


Session 3
I finally completed this one! I had some other things going on that were keeping me away from the easel(s). I wanted to do some woodworking today but it’s only 16 degrees outside, so I got productive and finished this piece.

As you can see I added some elements in the water and all of the posts along the dock. I also worked up the reflection of the boat a bit and did some additional shading on the figure. I hope you all like it!

The final piece has been added to the Gallery section. Let me know what you think!

See you again soon…

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© Copyright 1996-2024 – David Fedeli Fine Art • All rights reserved

© 1996-2024 – David Fedeli Fine Art • All rights reserved

David Fedeli