Tale of Two

9″ x 12″ ~ Oil on Panel

Not for Sale
...from my personal collection.

*Paintings listed as NFS (not for sale) are works that have sentimental value to me and remain in my personal collection.

Artwork can be remarkably personal, which is why I encourage my collectors to consider commissioning an original painting. We can work together to bring a unique work of art into your home, one that will always catch your eye and stir emotions within you.

A commission offers you an opportunity to “personalize” the painting if you wish.  Or, you can commission a completely original painting based upon an idea, a vision or even a cause that you are passionate about.

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This small piece is a rendering of my twin daughters when they were younger and so full of wonder at the joy of life. As they have grown, their bond has also grown incredibly strong, and they are inseparable now. They have that crazy knack of finishing each others sentences and sometimes they both start singing the same song out of the blue. Twins are a very unique kind of blessing! This piece is so personal that I just couldn’t part with it, but I will happily paint a similar piece to depict the love(s) of your life.