Evening Tide

Evening Tide

36″ x 24″ ~ Oil on Canvas



Sold yes, but don’t despair…

If you really love a painting that has been sold, I would encourage you to consider commissioning an original work of art.

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In addition to choosing the size of your piece, a commission offers you a very rare opportunity to “personalize” your painting in a variety ways.

Please Note: I do not and will not “exactly” replicate a previous painting. Each and every collector will receive a painting that is as unique and original as they are.

Visit the Commissions page for all the details.




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One of the most wonderful things about creating art in this style is that you can take a subject or theme, and move around in time with it. This piece is a more modern depiction of the scene in “A Leap of Faith”, and is shown from behind the subject as opposed to from the front. Here, we are able to see what captures her soul and inspires her to remain fixed in place as the water slowly rises around her.