Size: 24″x28″
Medium: Oil on Panel
Working Title: Lake of Fire

On the Easel

“Where do bad folks go when they die?
They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly.
They go down to the lake of fire and fry…”

This piece started out with a pretty clear purpose and vision in my head. I underpainted with red acrylic and then began with the oils. Basic outline of water and shoreline done.

The contrast between the bright orange and the blue sky is powerful. This is the first time I have painted on a masonite panel, which is very smooth. Very different  than canvas – we’ll see how it works out!

Today I painted the broken dock. There is an intentional separation here, to highlight the separation we sometimes feel between us all.

I’ve just begun to add some minor details to the water.

A couple figures have been added, along with more detail in the water.

I made it much more tame than I had originally planned – sometimes a mood begins to settle into a piece, and I have learned to run with it rather than fight it.

I made some minor changes to the figure after this photo was taken, so you can see them on the Gallery page. I also trimmed the panel to 22×28 to fit a standard frame.

See you again soon…