“To draw is to make a shape and movement in time.”

— Stuart Davis
August 15, 2020

Let’s get started on your masterpiece today! Contact me for information about commissioning your own work of art – I’d love to hear from you!


If you have a commissioned piece On the Easel, you will be able to watch the progress of your painting online and connect with the artist.

Commissioning a work of art is a simple, pain-free process – there is no mystery involved and no cause to feel intimidated. In fact, it’s fun! 

If you see something you love, but it has already sold… don’t fret!

You can commission an original version of many of my “classic” paintings. This is an original oil painting, custom made to order. You can specify the size, materials, etc., and we can make decisions to personalize the piece if you wish. You can then visit the “On the Easel” section of this site to participate in the progress of your work of art.

I have painted visions of dreams, and lost loved onesI have created themed pieces to support specific movements, and boudoir pieces for loving couples. I’ve even done a few nature pieces that I wasn’t real keen on, but when someone makes a genuine impression on me then I want to do it for them. I occasionally do portrait work, but that is considered on a case-by-case basis. I accept many types of commissions, as long as the work fits my creative style (in other words, I don’t paint pets! -sorry)

The “Fine Print”: Commissions require a 50% deposit to begin work. The balance is due once the painting is complete, as approved by you. That’s it – not too complicated!

My background with Commissions:
I have accepted commissioned projects since I was in high school, and have always enjoyed working with others to incorporate their ideas or visions into my work. Painting with oils awakened a new world of expression for me, and I have been blessed to find that my work touches the emotions of many people. To me, the greatest reward is when I can bring my work into the home of someone who is deeply moved by what they find  in these images.

In 30 years as a Graphic Artist, commissions tended to be about delivering a message. As a Fine Artist, commissions are about bringing emotions to life. My commissions have included some extremely personal pieces for individuals who had something inside of them, but no way to express it themselves.

In the end, each work of art has left an indelible impression on me, and brought my artwork into the home of a happy “collector”. This is how I grow as an artist, and I love it!
So contact me and let’s discuss what’s on your mind. I promise to make it easy and painless!

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