Size: approx 18″x22″
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Working Title: The Passing Time


The original piece of this genre, “Passage” was done when my wife’s mother passed away, and it has a sentimental value to her. She has asked that we keep it, and since this a style I have wanted to try some ideas on I thought I would go in this direction next. I am doing a couple of pretty big shows soon and need to get some new pieces ready. I knew this was a piece I could pull together pretty quickly so here we go. This first photo is just the basic layout with the stones masked out to make it easier to paint the sky and still keep the layout intact.


So here is the basic sky and land features. I started a little bit of the water reflections over on the right side. I’m just trying to establish a mood with the piece. that will determine the direction the rest of it goes. The types of pieces tend to create themselves once you get into a groove and set an emotional theme.


I am starting to get a feel for this piece now. I’ve added in most of the major elements, but will have a lot of fine details to add once this dries. I like the size of the arch in relation to the figure, and I think the boulder in the foreground adds some depth and dimension. Overall, I like the direction this is going in and think once it is detailed out it will be a nice one. What do you think?