July 25, 2021

Working Title: 

Red Planet


24″ x 36″


Oil on Canvas


NOTES: This project began as an exercise in applying glazes. Glazing is a technique that is most commonly used in portraiture, but can be applied in any situation where you are looking to add depth or “atmosphere” to a painting.
This is the final step using the #2 Medium. Beginning with the pink building in the back. I have glazed over that frightening color with a bit of the contrasting color to bring it back to a more neutral grey tone. It is sometimes hard not to panic when you see results like the previous step, but once you become a little more comfortable with glazes you learn it is just a matter of waiting for the next glaze. Then you can panic if necessary. From here on out I will be laying down the final “thick” layer, which will consist of much more opaque colors to use to build highlights.

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