Size: 48″x30″
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Working Title: For Us to Part


This piece is the companion to The Return.(.) This is the beginning of the story told there, and implies the act of abandonment or departure that was resolved in the previous piece. The opposite meaning is demonstrated by the mirror image of the building seen in The Return. The canvas on the original  work was 48″x24″, in this piece I am using a 48″ x 30″ to give a wider glimpse of the horizon. In the original, the focus was on drawing the figures together. In this one, the focus is on the horizon representing all the opportunities ahead, and all that is pulling them apart, so it is a wider focus than The Return

I decided to go with the sand in the underpainting again, as I did with The Return. I have included some detail photographs so you can see the effect close-up. Last time I just used the heavier sand in a few spots on the positive side of the building, whereas  this time I also use some “craft” sand, which is very fine, over the entire structure. I hope this texture will bring out more depth.

Abandoned_detail2       Abandoned_detail1

I put a bit more color into the underpainting in the building and will start out with white glazes to see how it looks with the underpainting barely showing through. Most likely I will than add areas of solid color to block out some of the areas of color. If I don’t like the effect then I will just paint in the color as I did with The Return.

The first day of oils included adding the sky and clouds. I also started on the water. I put a thin white glaze over the light parts of the wall. There will be several coats of this to bury the underpainted colors on the wall so they become much more subtle.


Here is a closeup of the white glaze so you can see the effect it has on the underpainted colors.



I finished this piece today. I had a lot of highlighting and touch-up to do to build some contrast. I’ll shoot a better photo outside as soon as it dries.

Here is a detail shot to give you a look at the figures.