David Fedeli

Fisherman’s Wife (2019)

CURRENT PROJECT Fisherman’s Wife (2019)40″x30″Oil on Canvas PROJECT NOTES: Fisherman’s Wife (2019) is a 40″x30″ oil on canvas. The original Fisherman’s Wife has always been near and dear to my heart. It was a very labor-intensive piece, but I was also very pleased with the end result – even though I always see room for improvement …

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Autumn Barn

After nearly a year away from the Easel, I am so excited to be back at work. Feeling a bit rusty, I have begun by working on the barn wood again. Getting back into it again has given me a fresh perspective and I reworked all of the wood a bit to add some faint dark tones to add depth.


Neo-romanticism is a broad movement crossing artistic boundaries that gave more importance to the representation of internal feelings. It started as a reaction to naturalism in the 19th century and harked back to the Romantic era, but it has since become a reaction to modernism and post-modernism. Neo-romanticism began in Britain around 1880, but later …

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ShowPanels™ Trade Show Walls: DIY plans

What you will Build. A 10’x10′ Indoor/Outdoor Display, which consists of; Nine  38.5″wide panels. • Three panels form a 115.5″ wide wall. Fits inside a 10’x10′ canopy. • Wall panels are 80″ high, with a 70″ tall hanging area. • The frame & legs are galvanized steel, with levelers for use on uneven surfaces. • Hanging surfaces are wrapped with a Polyester Stain resistant carpet*. Three Overhead Support bars • Made of …

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Eagle Eye

CURRENT PROJECT Eagle Eye16″x20″Oil on Canvas PROJECT NOTES: Eagle Eye is a bit out of my wheel house. Actually, it’s a LOT out of my wheelhouse. Here’s how it came about.  I was doing the ArtStir in Denver and met a really nice guy from London named Malcolm. He hung around for awhile, and my wife …

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Waiting for the Sun III

CURRENT PROJECT Waiting for the Sun24″x48″Oil on Canvas PROJECT NOTES: This piece is the 3rd “version” of a painting I did in 2009. It is being commissioned by a Collector in New York, who also owns the painting “Passage”. I am very excited to do a larger version of a painting that has always been …

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