This project began as an exercise in applying glazes. This technique is most commonly used in portraiture, but has its place in any situation where you are looking to add depth or "atmosphere" to a painting.

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Autumn Barn

After nearly a year away from the Easel, I am so excited to be back at work. Feeling a bit rusty, I have begun by working on the barn wood again. Getting back into it again has given me a fresh perspective and I reworked all of the wood a bit to add some faint dark tones to add depth.

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Neo-romanticism is a broad movement crossing artistic boundaries that gave more importance to the representation of internal feelings. It started as a reaction to naturalism in the 19th century and…

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Caring for Oil Paintings

How to Care for your Oil Paintings Caring for Oil Paintings will ensure their longevity. Preventative measures can, and should be taken when owning an oil painting. If properly cared for,…

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Why Underpaint?

When folks come to the studio to watch me work, they are aways surprised at the amount of time I spend preparing to paint. In fact, the first day of a new…

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