Size: 36″x48″
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Working Title: Black Water

On the Easel

This is another experiment with a larger canvas. It’s always a challenge expand your vision to fill a bigger space. I really don’t know what to expect with this piece, but I have an idea in mind.

The first step was the Red Acrylic underpainting, as usual. Next, the sky and clouds are done in oils. I am looking to capture the power of the incoming storm.

The difficult part is getting the perspective right for the next step, which will be the foreground

Today, the vast majority of the foreground was added. I notice that like the First Angel painting,  this color spectrum doesn’t seem to photograph too well – sorry ’bout that. At some point I might photograph it outside to capture the true colors.

Time to start working on better lighting options in the Studio.

Here is the finished piece. I took it outside to photograph, so the colors are more accurate on this pic. I added the figure and some foreground details. The figure really captures your attention and is an effective focal point, despite its small size. I actually like this one! I like the mood that is set here quite a bit.

See larger views of the finished piece in the Landscape Gallery

See you again soon…