Size: 24″x36″
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Working Title: At Journey’s End


Sketched with a white Prismacolor and underpainted with Red Acrylic. The background has been added in oils. There is a lot going on in this view, and the sketch is pretty detailed. I like the perspective this one presents, and I think it will be interesting. This will be a lot of subtle and dramatic color shifts and tonal changes within this piece.


I’ve begun working on the details for the foreground items. There is a lot of depth to be created in this piece, and a lot of textures in the pillars and stonework. It is a nice challenge. Still a long way to go on this one.


Finally got back to this one. I’ve added quite a lot to this piece in the latest session. The stonework has been painted along with a few glazes to color the stones and to create the shadows from the columns. There is a lot of play between light and dark here. The waiting figure has been added as well. Working on the small details like the moss on the pillars and stones and the weathered look of the pillars themselves.
Getting pretty close now…


With the last of the smaller details completed, this one is Done!